A downloadable game

You are an alchemist entering the famed Temple of Knowledge, in search of mythical artifacts, but you find out there aren't any. However, deep into the temple you find two tables, labeled "Research" and "Combine," and an entrance into a series of caverns, filled with ancient materials. As you begin to experiment with the materials you find in the temple, you realize you can create the artifacts you were searching for. And throughout all this, you feel a looming sense of imminent danger. You must create three specific artifacts to escape the ancient temple before time runs out!

Drag the materials to the trays on either table, and click on "Research" or "Combine." When you are out of materials, click on the door to delve into the caverns and find more.

Make sure you have pencil and paper handy to note all of your findings.

This is second game jam, and I am quite happy with the results! If you care, my first LD game is here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=88958

Special thanks to Jacob Harris for doing the art for me!

Install instructions

Run the .exe to install.

Note that the default location is in the users folder.


TempleTrial.exe 16 MB